Friends, Colleagues, and Media After 22 years as a US Market Strategist for a couple Wall Street firms including 10 years at Cantor Fitzgerald, producing a daily market commentary called “Pado’s Perceptions”, I am providing independent market and economic research, strategies, sector analysis, and individual stock technical analysis directly to financial professionals. I intend to offer my commentary on this site, and to update as market movements dictate. The site is intended to grow and incorporate thoughts, questions, and ideas of its users. My method of market analysis is "Top-Down". We often forget where we are in the 4 year business cycle, which has been closely tied to the Presidential Cycle. While I'll only mention it occasionally, when we see a reason to remind investors of this longer-term political influence on stocks based on the election cycle. It is not a market definitive theme, but one that we need to remain cognizant of over time. The same is true for seasonal tendencies, or "trading the calendar". Weather changes, holidays, and "window dressing" moments don't pop up on your wall calendar, but those themes consistently show up year after year, and we need to be watching for signs before they become commonly recognized. Sector rotation is important in showing appropriate leadership, distinguishing between sustained rallies and counter-trend bounces. We then whittle it down to looking at the top 10 stocks that comprise each of the 10 sectors. These are the names that lead the major market moves. Mainstream media has moved away from intelligent and thoughtful analysis to sensationalized and hyperbolic forecasts that offer little actionable advice. I invite you to connect with me, as I add various avenues of distribution and comment on the events that move the markets. Oh, and the Cheetah, isn't a bull or a bear, nor a pig wearing lipstick. Perceptive and quick. And it happens to be a picture I took while in Africa. Marc