PCLN – Priceline Group Inc.

Priceline Group (8/25/15) Short-term (Positive) : Intermediate Term (Positive) : Long-term (Positive) At the moment, Priceline has everything going for it. After the sever break in Jun, it was quick to reverse the damage, necessary for any stock or index that suffers a break due to outside influences, like Brexit fears. We want to see the negatives reversed quickly. After doing so, Priceline challenged the highs of the prior 4 months, expanding the consolidation pattern. Meanwhile, momentum moved up, the MACD confirmed the upside breakout. Volume expanded on the gap up in August. There was enough momentum to carry price up to close a long-standing opening gap from back in Novemberr 2015 at 1449.90. There are now several levels we can consider short-term supprt, the previous highs, the "gap" up from the close at 1360, the 50-day moving average at 1347, the previous pullback low at 1305, and the 200-day moving average at 1278. So, while not a new 52-week high here, we would turn the arrows positive because we see strong support nearby and that should give cover to a long position. The move above 1400 back in November 2016 was a new high dating back to March 2013. A "false breakout", the stock contracted quickly. Priceline is back to that high, and therefore close to a record high close above 1469.56. The intermediate term base projects to 1590. Therefore, this is a stock close to support with significant upside targets, and is therefore positive short-, intermediate-, and long-term. pcln