Consumer Discretionary (6/5/15)

The Vanguard Consumer Discretionary Sector (6/5/15) Short-term (Neutral) : Intermediate Term (Neutral) : Long-term (Positive) Cons Disc The Consumer Discretionary group is holding up extremely well here, but we have to be a bit cautious short term because it is flirting with support at 123.50 right here. The rising short-term trend offers support at 122.20. While the MACD remains above the zero line, realize that a breakdown in price will be confirmed by a breakdown in some of the technical indicators as well. This group has led and has come a long way. Long-term, it all remains positive. This is a sector to watch. A strong move would force us to get more positive above 125.50. We are still in the "squeeze" we previously mentioned, looking for a break down or break out to establish a new trend. This is why we are at Neutral until a move is made.
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